Govenda Board Management Platform Review

With the development of the Internet, new opportunities have appeared not only for finding information and entertainment but also for professional communication. One of such opportunities is the Govenda board management platform.

What Should You Know About the Govenda Board Management Platform?

Long-term investors need a clear understanding of the strategic goals and prospects of the company and the conviction that their rights will not be violated, which is impossible without improving corporate governance practices. In this regard, theorists and practitioners of corporate governance began to pay more attention to such issues as protecting the rights of shareholders during significant corporate actions, adopting a balanced and realistic development strategy, monitoring its implementation indicators, improving the efficiency of the board committees, creating effective risk management systems, and prevention of conflicts of interest.

The Govenda board management platform is a key element of the Company’s corporate governance system. The Board of Directors represents the interests of shareholders, being responsible for the growth of business value through the organization of effective management. The main goal of the Govenda board management platform is the conscientious and competent performance of the duties of managing the Company in order to ensure the growth of share value and the well-being of shareholders, as well as to protect their rights. At the same time, this body in its decisions acts fairly in relation to all shareholders and cannot be guided by the interests of only one group of shareholders.

The Govenda board management platform is distinguished by a high level of information security. There is no difficulty in adapting to modern technology: Let’s face it, not everyone subscribes to the digital way of doing things. Many businessmen still prefer to read paper documents. They prefer to sign contracts on paper. They want to read the details in print, not on a computer or laptop screen.

The Main Functions of Govenda Board Management Platform

Want to host a useful webinar? Make an event for your employees to enhance your corporate culture? Attract an audience for the subsequent sale of products? In any case, the goal and objectives must be built in advance with the Govenda board management platform. Just put them honestly, for example: increase audience loyalty, collect leads, or achieve a certain number of registrations.

The main functions of the Govenda management platform are:

  • carries out general management of NLMK’s activities, determines the long-term development strategy of the company, and makes various decisions within the framework of the developed strategy;
  • evaluates the performance of the company and its bodies;
  • determines the structure and composition of the Management Board of the Company;
  • gives consent to the execution or subsequent approval of major transactions and transactions in which there is an interest/within its competence;
  • evaluates political, financial, and other risks affecting the company’s activities;
  • the host enters information about the upcoming meeting and uploads the meeting documents to the system;
  • the organizer publishes the meeting in the system;
  • the system will automatically inform the directors and invitees about the scheduled meeting by email;
  • develops systems and methods of material incentives for company employees.

Remote work with Govenda is facilitated by a convenient, intuitive web interface of the system. The personal account can be used both on a computer and on a tablet and smartphone.