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Why is it so important to invest in a good identity design?

Well, for starters, your visual identity helps in telling others your brand story. You need to be able to express your story clearly and with a lot of details – the more details, the greater the impression your story puts on your customers.

Developing a strong brand story leads to a better-defined buy and feedback process because it directly showcases your company’s professionalism, warmth, friendliness, and other aspects. When you see a logo, you don’t have to spend a lot of time analyzing its meaning or message it tries to communicate – it is usually very simple and self-explanatory. Same goes for branding, like T-shirts or biscuit cases – they all try to communicate clear and precise messages to us – biscuits are there for us to eat them, so the package is trying to make the biscuits look appealing and delicious, while T-shirt designs make you look stylized and cool. This is exactly what makes a good branding or logo design so powerful.

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Since people process images faster than text, your visual identity plays a very important role in creating an impression on your customers, and this impression can be both good and bad. The most effective company logos (and brand identities in general) have the ability to invoke a chain of emotions and associations in only a few seconds of looking at them.

Developing a strong branding or identity design is about taking your brand story and transforming it into design elements. This is the process that requires impressive creative skills and strong attention to detail. When all elements of branding’s design are balanced in style and concisely and strongly tell your story, you can make sure that the design you get perfectly fits both your business and audience.

No matter who your targeted customers are, you must have in mind that there are endless other brands that are also fighting for their attention. If the customers do not find you enticing and appealing enough, they will with most certainty turn their heads in another direction and find another brand. That is why the brands that are triumphal in the digital world are the ones that will attract customers.

They offer more than just their products and services – they give their customers emotional and meaningful experiences. These brands know they are not made for everyone and seek just the right audience to connect with. They are also welcoming the customers that are not primarily in focus giving them the reason to stay.

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Our company understands that brands win by being introduced as unique, as well as trusted, reliable and memorable and try to apply these key attributes to a finished branding solution. You are here to point out to us what you want to achieve with your new branding/logo design, and we are here to make your wishes come true. In a world where customers are bombarded with marketing messages, getting their attention is of vital importance. Our creative and unordinary approach makes our designs stand-out maximizing customer’s attention with its clear, balanced and consistent impression.

The identity design creation process begins with an exploratory phase. This means that we create some design solutions and inspirations and start a dialogue about what you like, and what you feel best reflects your brand or business. We like to start with black and white sketches so you can focus on typeface and shape, before trying out a range of color possibilities. Ultimately, we refine the options presented and let you choose the final design.

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